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Organizing friends is hard.
• They don't respond to invites
• You need to follow up
• Finding a time for everyone is tough

A better Facebook Events alternative.
• invites sent via SMS • auto-followups to non-responders • built-in venmo requests • ideas for things to do • help finding the best date • event-day reminders & directions for guests

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Gay by play

Monday, July 30th | 9p-10p
(get there at 8:30 so we can hang before + get good seats!)
UCB East (3rd & Ave A)

It's gay men doing live color commentary over other gay men doing improv 🏳️🌈. I'm reasonably excited. -Aaron

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big beach volleyball game @ domino park

Wednesday, August 15th | 7:45pm
Domino Park Volleyball Court in Williamsburg

Hey pals. Before the summer is up, I was thinking we do a big volleyball game at the new Domino Park in Williamsburg. It's a beautiful new court, right on the water. Trying to get a solid ~15 for 6v6 with some subs.

It's an open court, but thinking Wednesday will be a doable night. WORST case, we eat at the Shake Shake for Tacos while we wait for the other jabronis to leave.

RSVP via text so we make sure we have just the right number of dudes.

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Ringleader: Aaron

On round 1 of invites:
John Torres (cohost), Justin Wohl, Steve Goldman, Evan Roth, Rodney Rebello, Adam Karman, Steve Brown, Cousin Al, Brian Caulfield, Mike Fischer, Eric Malhado, Steve Shafer, Armand Khatri, Nick Campanella, Jason Sherman, Bryan Dunmire, Pat Jones, Karlo Siriban, Mike McFadden, Eric Rogers

AKPsi @ The Press Box

Friday, July 27th | 8:00 - 10:00p
The Press Box

Getting together with the Omega Zeta family, young & old

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brian caulfield's Birthday

You're confirmed 🎉

The details:
Friday, June 22nd, 6:30pm-10:30pm
DiFara Pizza

I like you, and I think you like pizza. If you know me well, I think you know that I really like pizza too. Join me at Di Fara Pizzeria in Midwood, Brooklyn - I'll provide the wine! Get your fill of some of NY's best pizza, as quickly as they can get them out of the oven.

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Amy L, Andrea P, Aaron C, Rob C, Chelsea N, Claude M, David H, Dave M, Grace C, Jeff W, Jeremy F, Kimberly M, Matt M, Matt G, Aunt Michelle, Mom, Paris P, Nick S, Taylor S, Thomas H, Rodney R, Nick C

^and hopefully Dom the Pizza Man